Saturday, December 1, 2007


I have wanted to buy a Sonicare forever, but as a mom, I just couldn't justify spending that much money on myself - and for a toothbrush no less! One of the side effects (I mean blessings) of hosting parasites (carrying my 6 beautiful boys) has been pure dental havoc! My once beautiful cavity free teeth have turned into a mine field - literaly! My dentist urged me to get a Sonicare, but, I just wouldn't do it.

Luckily, for me, I was chosen for a BZZ Agent campaign for Sonicare and I got a free one in the mail last week! I really love it! I get that fresh from the dentist feeling everytime I brush my teeth! I don't even have to move the brush around my mouth - you just place the brush on your teeth and it does the work for you. There are different size bristles that actually get in between your teeth. I love it!

And one of the best things is that it comes with its own sanitizer/cover. I keep hearing all these bad stories about how germy your toothbrush gets... so, now I don't have to worry anymore.

The only problem now is that all the boys want sonicares too! I figured we could get the extra brushes - but they are really expensive too - $23! A bit pricy for my taste! But, I will be enjoying my present for now - solo!


Zoe said...

i want one too. after having hyperemesis with 4 kids my teeth are shot!

storyteller said...

I got mine as a gift about 5 years and wouldn't be without it. My dentist likes it too. I'm glad you got one for yourself ... enjoy the luxury!
Hugs and blessings,

TheAngelForever said...

We bought one before I had my kids. Thanks to pregnancy-sensitive gums I could not use it. I need to dig it back out and try it again. . . almost 5 years later.

Try to get the replacement brushes at a wholesale warehouse like BJ's, Sams or Costco. I know we bought them at BJ's before and they still carry them.