Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Update On The Malloys - Tyler

Our little Christmas "Baby" is about to turn 7 on the 27th! This year has been a busy one for the first grader with a trip to Ozzfest (which wore him out as you can see above), losing his first tooth, learning to read chapter books, (you can see him reading to Cody here), and having fun at the kids' museum in Carson City. Just watch him jam there..
Tyler is all boy! One of his friends, Janell told him he had super hero powers because he is amazingly strong!
He wants to play Troy in High School Musical, so we are working on breaking it to him that he is only 7. Wish us luck on that one!


Zoe said...

ozzfest and a lost tooth? peyton would be soooo jealous!


Nice to have a Christmas baby. I wish him now already a happy birthday; a few days too soon but I hope he wil have a nice birthday