Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Update on the Malloys - Palmer

Palmer has officially entered the big kid zone (aka he is now a middle schooler!). In addition to starting 6th grade, Palmer has had many highlights this year including the trip to Ozzfest with Dad, being surrounded by cheerleaders at Discovery Kingdom, and being picked for the magic show during the same trip.
Palmer's flair for the dramatics has not gone unnoticed this year earning him the lead role in Aladdin (he also played the Sultan in an alternate cast), and Fritz in the Nutcracker.
This same flair also saw him learning an important lesson this year when he was forced to cut his hair. Mom said, "You can have disrespectful hair or disrespectul behavior but not both." As you can see from the pics, Palmer made the wrong choice this fall!
Other than suffering from the normal middle child syndrome, Palmer manages to be a pretty likeable kid (Most of the time!). He is looking forward to High School Musical working hard with his best gal pal Morgan gearing up for auditions (He is going to kill me for mentioning that part!)

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Zoe said...

ozzfest and cheerleaders? now peyton is super jealous!