Friday, February 3, 2012

MY Boss

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy
My boss sent me online to look at TV options for the office. He had just gotten a big screen right above the reception desk and he wanted it on something good, not just the news, he said. So I went to and found out they’ve got all kinds of cooking channels and weather channels and even stuff that’s 24/7 designing – we are a design firm so I think that makes the most sense but obviously he gets to make the final call. Anyway, I think it’s great he’s trying to make the office more high tech and I totally support the effort. I like working somewhere I’m proud to show off to my friends and once we get this TV up and working it’s going to be even more so! I love my job and I love my boss, both of which I feel like area rarity in this economy. I only work on the weekends so that’s really saying something at the end of the day about the company!