Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Updates On The Malloys - Ryan

So, I think my husband resembles the guy in the picture with the boys - I think that is him, I'm not quite sure since he has worked SO MUCH OVERTIME this year we hardly remember what he looks like! Seriously we are really proud of him and we appreciate all the hard work he does to keep our family afloat!

Highlights of Ryan's year was taking the boys (Tyler and Palmer) to Ozzfest (Not my thing at all - but I guess opposites attract!), eating a Madagascar hissing cockaroach at Discovery Kingdom this fall (only my husband!), and becoming an uncle! Just in case you thought we had a new baby and forget to tell you - the tiny baby in the first pic is our new nephew Ender who was born just a few days before Ryan's birthday this year. He is son to Kelly's brother Brian and his wife Tawni, and quite a cutie!

We are looking forward to seeing Dad more in 2008!


Casdok said...

Lovely photos!
Hope you all get to see more of dad next year!

strato said...

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The baby looks really cute. I wished I could see him in reality.
Regrettable America is so far from my hometown.

strato said... about valentine's day..