Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Malloy Family Christmas Update - Kelly

Kelly continues to be the busiest of the Malloys - not only caring for the family, but for the community. She continues to kep busy with directing children's theater and dance with the most recent production of The Nutcracker and the upcoming auditions for High School Musical.
She also works for Healthy Communities and the City of Fernley Youth City Council working with youth in our community.
Some highlights of 2007 were Aladdin Jr., The Spring Dance Recital, The Nutcracker, a trip to Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar. and marching in front of the 4th of July parade (despite the fact that she did EVERYTHING to stay OUT of that parade!)
2008 looks like it will be great with High School Musical, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - AND Maybe , just maybe a run for political office. Kelly has been approached by many people in the community asking her to run for City council after a speech she recently gave. (I don't know if I am the politician type so we will have to see!)
And.... I have all of these wonderful Malloy boys to keep up with!

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Yes how wonderful!!!