Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Update on the Malloys - Powell

This year marks Powell's first year into the dreaded teenage years! His 13th year has come with lots of improvements. He continues to work on communication issues, but it is becoming much less of a problem. His grades have gone up (especially since they realized that he can barely process information visually and have made adaptations with his IEP to read things out loud for him and getting books on tape.
Our non-verbal boy also got a speaking role in Captain Bree Scourge of the Sea (with 6 lines!). He has put his birthday present of a new Zune to use downloading over 500 songs and is now seen with earphones permanantly in his ears.
He is a great help with Tyler and Cody who fight over who gets to play with Powell "the mostest!"
He is looking forward to singing and dancing in our spring production of High School Musical and to his recital in the Spring (he just took up hip hop dancing!)

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Beautiful picturs and I hope he will enjoy dancing and singing in the musical.