Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pay Per Post

Yeah! My blog has FINALLY been approved for Pay Per Post!!! I guess in the past I have not been prolific or consistent enough in my blog postings, but I have finally been fairly regular about my blogging. I have achieved one of my New Year’s Resolutions (to be better about blogging) and it’s not even the first week! LOL!

Anyway, the idea behind Pay Per Post is that advertisers pay you to blog about their site or product. Your opinions can be negative or positive and you can pick and choose which opportunities you take. When you get to the home page, you will see a list of featured opportunities, and the amounts you would be paid if you choose the opportunity (you have to be qualified for certain opportunities). The amounts of pay appear to range anywhere from $5 to $250. Scrolling down the home page, you will find a list of Pay Per Post’s top earners. The all time figures feature people with figures around $11,000 to $18,000. If you are a little more analytical (like me) you can click to see monthly top earnings around $100 to $200 or daily at $45 to $60 – not too shabby. We have college on the horizon for a few of our boys, and we are doing whatever we can to save up for that expense - even a few extra dollars a month will come in handy!

Next to that section you can find a featured blogger of the day – not only do they pay you for your posts, but they give you a little free advertising.

I have just been approved, so the verdict is still out on availability of offers, speed of pay, etc. but I will keep you updated. Blogger friends who have referred me have raved about their services. I will tell you that I was pleased with the customer service prior to approval – they give you tips and advice on why your blog might be rejected.

Another thing that I like is that they have blog ethics They require full disclosure that the posts are paid posts.


Renee Baker said...
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Renee Baker said...

Thanks for sharing the info Kelly. I hope that PPP will work out well for you.


Casdok said...

Hope it works out for you!

momofoboyz said...

Congratulations! I know every bit helps. I love your blogs and yahoo groups. I'll try to post more...