Thursday, January 17, 2008

Products Made In the US

I can hardly believe it, but this little guy is about to turn 2 a week from today. My baby is no longer a baby! WAAAAAH! But along with sadness comes the (pains) I mean joys of celebrating his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (the family tradition - lol!).
Those toy scares from Christmas are still looming in the back of my mind as I go looking for birthday presents for the little guy. Did you know that 45 million toyswere recalled last year, and none of them were made in the US? I have found an amazing assortment of stores on-line that sell made in the US products only, but one of my favorites so far is Made in USA forever, not only do they have great toys, but they also have men and women's clothing, things for the house and more. The prices are very reasonable, and I have found things not only for Luke's birthday like this cool fire truck and this , because just like mom he's addicted to the computer, but I've also found some things for the older boys when their birthdays come around in April and May (3 of them all at the same time - ARGGH!).
I also checked out the about us page at Made in USA Forever (because I'm nosey that way) and was pleased to see that the company was started by a dad in California -there is a pic of him and his adorable baby girl (I am a sucker for things like that!) I also appreciate the fact that toys made in the US keep jobs here in the US, and are better for the environment (other countries do not have the pollution standards that we do). So... I'm off to shop a bit more, just wanted to share the site in case anyone else is concerned with the safety of kid's toys these days.


Karen said...

Thanks for the site share! Those things are hard to come by. Etsy is a great place to find safe toys as well.

Angela said...

It is also hard to take away the toys that are not safe.
So just try to give them safe from the beginning

I'm the Momma! said...

LOVE the pic!

Terri said...

Thaks for the great post. It is very important to get news out on where we can find products made in the USA. Good job!