Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tagged - Again!

I have been tagged again! This time by Renee Baker who asked me to list seven informal things about me, then tag others (Sorry!) So here goes:

1. I am addicted to sugar in almost any form - mostly candy - Twizzlers, Kit Kat, JuJubes, Jelly Beans, Hot Tamales, etc.

2. My favorite movie as a child was Annie and I now have a red little poodle named Annie.

3. My favorite thing to do to exercise is tap dancing.

4. I majored in accounting in college - and regret every second of it - especially at tax time when everybody asks me to do their taxes.

5. I hate eating fish - I am a Pisces so I feel somewhat cannibalistic - go ahead and laugh at me - how many of you won't eat deer because of the whole Bambi thing - enough said.

6. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult who coincidently publishes her books every March right around my birthday. The last one, 19 minutes actually has my birthday in the first sentence.

7. In high school I once resisted the invitation of a very cute boy to skip class to go get doughnuts because "What wouldI tell my kids?" (I obviously didn't have any yet, but I was already worried about their values!)

Now the FUN part: I will tag: Dawn (because she has a cute little guy), and Veronica (because I just found her fun blog and it will remind me to go back and read some more!)


Renee Baker said...

Hi Kelly,

Sorry, I didn't know you've been tagged before :(
Funny that your favorite movie is Annie because my daughter was Annie for Halloween :)
I know how you feel in re:accounting, my husband has a payroll/accounting/insurance business and he is constantly working.
Thank you for taking the time to post 7 random thingies :)


Kelly Malloy said...

That's ok Rene - it gives me inspiration to post when I can't think of anything.

Rhonda said...

I hate fish too!
It's just yucky and smelly.
We could have a feast of chocolates and gumballs.

Casdok said...

With your kids i bet the tap dancing has come in handy!!!

KC said...

I am such the sucker for showtunes. I've sung the Annie songs MANY TIMES.

Don Mills Diva said...

Tap dancing! How cute - you have to post some pictures!

dawn224 said...

ah! I'm late, I'll get to it, I promise!