Thursday, March 22, 2007

National Goof-Off Day

Today is National Goof-off Day! Here are some fun ways to goof off with your child:
*Pack a picnic lunch and go to the park or museum.

*Build a “fort” in the living room. Take blankets or sheets and drape them over several chairs, leaving an opening for the door. Put fun things inside: books to read, snacks, games, pillows, music.
* Play games.
*Blow up balloons.
*Blow bubbles.

* Go to the movies.
* Go fly a kite

*Turn on the TV and take turns selecting the programs you and the kids are going to goof-off watching. Eat fun things like pizza, popcorn, and candy. Hey, it's just for one day. Don't worry about it.

*Purchase a large puzzle and see how many pieces you and the kids can put together before Dad gets home.

*Invite a friend over and play scrabble, drink coffee, gossip, and eat pizza while the kids watch their favorite videos.

Whatever you do today - DON"T
Cook - Wash - Vacuum - Dust - or Scrub! It's not legal!

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