Friday, January 16, 2009

Anonymous Donors Help With Woman's Heating Bills

Thanks to the generosity of strangers, 72-year old, Mary Burris was able to pay her $500 electric bill. The woman's home doesn't have central heat and she was using her stove to generate heat. Her electricity was on the verge of being shut off on Wednesday because of a $500 past due bill.

Burris' story was shown on a local news station and two viewers decided to step in and help. Two individuals agreed to pay Burris' bill.

Neighbors also stepped in and purchased Burris four space heaters and covered the home's 20 windows with plastic to keep the cold air out.

Burris said she's grateful for the strangers' kind gesture and said her future looks brighter.
Have you ever helped someone in need of assistance?



Yes I have helped somebody who suffered a disease which can only be cured with a high amount of money (more than $2.500); I paid the money I could afford to help this child.

KM said...

That was a wonderful guesture!