Sunday, December 31, 2006

Life at the Malloy House

What on Earth have I done? I have six boys! Yes, there are six of them., yes, they are all boys, and yes, they are all mine. Oh and let me not forget, yes, I DO know what causes this! Speaking of that there is also this man, their dad, who happens to live here too. I am surrounded at home by males and one day soon, they will ALL be bigger than me (not too big a feat considering I'm only 4'11". What have I done?
Life is never dull with six boys. Parker is 13, Powell is 12, Palmer is 10, Tyler is 6, Cody is 4, and baby Luke rounds out the crew at 11 months. Needless to say, our house is full of non-stop action.
They wake-up every morning begging for food and spend the rest of the day demanding more calories ( I swear I feed them - a lot!). There is a commercial with a few boys in the fridge and the dad asks, "Are you eating butter?" They have obviously installed cameras in my house to spy on us!
I spend my days in jeans or sweats that are not suitable for wearing outside the home until they have gotten the obligatory stains from one dirty hand or another. Or from myself - I have taken eating lessons from the eleven month old and have not figured out how NOT to spill food down the front of my shirt - especially if the shirt is new or preferably white.
I used to be a girly - girl. The type who wore make-up and always had matching clothes. But those days are long gone! Replaced my a boy loving momma who has embraced the finer things in life!

I've learned that bugs are not "icky" but are to be viewed as interesting- and must come in the house- preferably in jars - with lids!

I've learned that wrestling comes on at least 4 nights of the week!!!

I've learned to look like I'm listening to long, confusing plots of movies, cartoons, and comic books when I'm actually sound asleep, or mentally balancing my check book.

But most of all, I've learned that the best kisses come from mouths covered with chocolate!

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

wow! 6 boys! You are definitely one supermum!